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4. Campus Liaisons

*** Draft Language. Requires vote of membership. ***

Campus Liaisons


College Librarians and Media Specialists encourages each CTC library in Washington State to designate a liaison to CLAMS.




The Campus Liaisons must be librarians or media specialists at a member library.




Indefinite. Notify the Newsletter Editor when you would like to step down, and please recommend the name of another librarian at your library who is interested in serving as the Liaison on your campus.



  • Submit contributions for the CLAMS newsletter when solicited by the Secretary/Newsletter Editor. Appropriate submissions could include: personnel changes, grants received, workshops or conferences held or attended, new buildings, special events, awards and honors received or given, etc. Photographs can also be included.
  • Assist with the recruitment of new members by notifying the chapter of new employees. The campus liaison will forward the name, title and mailing of address of newly-hired librarians to an Executive Board member (Secretary, president, Treasurer, Webmaster).
  • Notify librarians at your campus of upcoming CLAMS Washington events.

For more information, contact the Secretary/Newsletter Editor

description adopted 5/29/2014