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3. Board Positions

** Position descriptions under revisement - Board Manual Position Descriptions ~DRAFT

Section 1. President.

The President shall preside at meetings, appoint committees, be responsible for the ongoing business of the organization, serve as a member of the Executive Board and shall be ex-officio member of all committees. The President or his or her designee shall serve as the representative to the Library and Media Directors' Council.
Amended section 1 on 5/7/93.

Section 2. President-Elect.

The President-Elect shall serve in the absence of the President, shall immediately become President upon vacancy in the office of President, shall serve as a member of the Executive Board, be executor of Executive Board desires, and serve as ex-officio member of those committees as designated by the President.

Section 3. Secretary

The Secretary is the recording officer of the organization and shall maintain all files of correspondence, records, the minutes of the business meetings, and keep a current membership list. The Secretary shall coordinate the update of the membership directory. The Secretary shall serve as a member of the Executive Board.
Amended 5/9/03, Secretary’s duty to register attendees for meetings moved to Treasurer.

Section 4. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect dues annually and be responsible for the accumulation and disbursements of all funds of the organization. The Treasurer shall maintain all financial records and shall serve as a member of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall handle registration for meetings.
Amended 5/9/03, Treasurer assumes duties for registration to reflect current practice.
Rowena McKernan,
Aug 21, 2014, 11:18 AM