Technical Pre-Conference Presenters

Tony Gibbons, MLIS, is the Program Manager at Ex Libris North America.  In this role he works primarily with libraries as they begin implementation projects and start the transition to a new system.  He has worked for Ex Libris for 8 years.  Tony has worked extensively with library systems and has expertise in product development, technical support, training and project management. Prior to his current position, Tony was a Systems Librarian at a medical library where he had the invaluable experience of implementing an Ex Libris product.  Tony lives in the Chicago area and received his MLIS from Kent State University in 2004.

Presentation Title: Alma-Primo Project 

Presentation Description: This presentation will introduce you to your upcoming Alma-Primo project and will cover planning activities and tasks that you can begin doing now to prepare for the project. We will review the ways in which Primo will change and opportunities to improve your Primo user experience. We will also walk through the project timeline. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

1. Introductions including Program Manager and Project Pre-Implementation

2. Getting ready for your Alma-Primo project.  What can you do now to prepare?

3. New Primo versus existing Primo – what to expect?

4. Project Timeline for each cohort

5. Questions and Answers


Doug Eriksen, MEd and MLIS, is the systems librarian and Coordinator of Library Technology at Seattle University. He is a graduate of the Information School at the UW, and began his library career as a school librarian serving grades K-8.




Presentation Title: Alternate Presentations of Facet Information

Presentation Description: Ex Libris' Primo offers us two modes of displaying facets for narrowing our search results. However, the well-structured and well-labeled nature of the facet data in the page allows us to restyle that data, opening up interesting alternate displays. This presentation will explore some easily implemented alternative presentations of Primo's facet data.